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                                EVE CASSIDY
Eve Cassidy passed away just as people in the music business and music lovers discovered her. Eva died in 1996, from melanoma, the most deadly form of skin cancer. Her music was little-known during her 33 years of life, but today her beautiful voice is reaching people all over the world.She undoubtedly has the best voice ever heard. She puts all of the other artists to shame when she sings her rendition of "Over the Rainbow", "At Last", and many others. I wish I could have known her. I wish I could play the guitar like her.  She does it all with such ease.  She was humble and didn't seem to care about money.  She loved singing and she loved people. I would not  have known of her, had I not heard her rendition of "At Last" playing at the end of a movie.  I can't remember which one it was, but my husband and I waited to see who the singer was.  We were amazed.  We had never heard such a beautiful voice.
We saw that it was Eve Cassidy.  We had never heard of her, so we checked on Youtube.  There were many fans with videos and music.  If you would like to hear this angel, just query "Eve Cassidy"
on  Let me know what you think.